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About Syntaxon
Syntaxon is staffed by scientists with expertise in ICT, bioinformatics and biotech, and above all, with proven entrepreneural skills. Managing partner Luc Vauterin founded the company Applied Maths in 1992, which has grown into one of the most succesful and respected players in bioinformatics worldwide under his 19 years management as CEO.

At Syntaxon, our practical knowledge of all aspects of setting up and running a business, from writing a business plan to applying for grants, dealing with IP and patents, recruiting personnel, establishing corporate identity, communicating with scientists, customers and investors, is based on two decades of field experience.

Syntaxon is a very efficient partner for new and young businesses involved in biosciences and IT, a one-stop shop for operational and strategic advice and assistance, brand and corporate identity development, scientific and promotional communication, and web design.

Our greatest thrill is the challenge to help scientists with entrepreneurial ambitions realize their goal, sharing their motivation and enthusiasm.